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Hi everyone,
IT-RAYS team are really delighted to announce reaching now an Envato ELITE Author in 1 year & 7 months of hard efforts  , you can’t imagine how this makes us so honored and motivated to keep working hard to meet your desires ..

Let us tell you shortly how we started at themeforest;

We were living ordinary life, working ordinary jobs killing our creation. It was enough to make a living, but didn’t give us enough freedom to satisfy our creativity. Our team loved to experiment with new web technologies in our free time and we had bigger dreams. We went through a rough time when we stumbled upon themeforest.

Here began our journey and decided to give it a try, leaving our jobs behind. Most of our friends did not believe in our future on themeforest. At certain times even we questioned ourselves, but we carried on, thus starting our awesome journey on themeforest. Thank God we have made the right decision, as it’s the most amazing experience we’ve ever had.

Our 1st work was EXCEPTION HTML Template which became an immediate success by becoming a featured item on themeforest. We were so glad that people saw the potential in our work as well. Suddenly, everybody started to give us valuable advices on how to evolve our products. We were achieved a top new author in September 2015.

Then, we started providing quality templates, themes and extensions besides quick support to our customers helped us to reach a great achievement of ELITE Author, SuperFine WordPress Theme is also a major contributor to our success.

ELITE is just a beginning to more hard and creative work with quicker support. We promise everyone especially our current and future customers for keep producing high quality work.
Last but not least, Big thanks to Envato, our customers, and fellow authors for the challenge to keep improving.

Hope you keep supporting us and wait for revealing our new Template soon.



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